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This is a portfolio of my recent work, Some of it was made for clients. some of it was made during my forth and final year in the Visual Communication department in Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem. and some was made just for fun.

  Block print, 2005

155 mm Display type
The 155 font was created during the second Lebanon war,
following technical design of an artillery shell.
The poster that was published with the font refers to militaristic
new year cards that were popular in Israel in the 1950's.
click here to download the font (.ttf, for Windows and for Mac OSX)

Native Planet 2008 catalog
The shining new catalog for an outdoor gear and apparel company. printed full process and metallic color.

The Hebrew Cursive Project
The upright Hebrew script is almost the only form of Hebrew alphabet used in print. The objective of this experimental project was to invent a Hebrew cursive type, inspired by the upright Hebrew script, the Hebrew handwrite script and various Arabic scripts.
The correspondence in appearance between Arabic and Hebrew alphabets, as well as the semantic resemblance between the two languages cries for a typographic dialog between these two ancient Semitic scripts.
This exhibition was done as a graduation thesis project for the department of visual communication in Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem.
to the project's blog
קיראו את בלוג הפרוייקט בעברית
Presentation in Bezalel Academy
The mechanism behind the new style invented is shown in this poster. (please click for a closer look)

Please click to enlarge

Foot fetish Nati The split
Dancing Dave
Polish Mom Dry fish
Kafka Sivan Pencil+watercolor
Against the current
No Not Never

An Illusration in "G - Globes" magazine, for an article about real-astae agents in Tel-Aviv, summer 2007

Book design:
The "Ladies and Gentlemen" series for the Dimona comix group.

Book design
This book was made during a course in complex typography, (led by mr. Adi Stern)
and offers a new way to set text in a play. (Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett)

  Bumper sticker, 2007

Adi Stern Graphic Design:
Identity and various printed material for the children's Theater spring festival, 2005, at the Orna Porat theater, Tel-Aviv.

comercial logo design

12 Tribes
12 logos to represent the 12 tribes of Israel. these were part of a project done with the branding
agency "Open", to brand a premium residential real-astate project in Tel-Aviv.

"How long does it take to demolish a home?"
the post-it project

The work is made of a block of easily teared off office stickers, with a satellite photograph of Rapha printed on its sides. The photograph shows the area close to Philadelpy rout, after the massive destruction of houses next to it during the year 2004. (Houses were gradually destroyed from the ones right next to the border and onward into the town)
On every sticker is an office stamp print quoting a question from an article by S. Yzhar (Davar 1988): "How long does it take to demolish a home?"

this was published as part of the international "Post-It" project, Barcelona 2008

Book Covers
Literature book covers for 'Keter' and 'Yediot' publishing houses.

An Illusration in "G - Globes" magazine, for an article about what a great city Jerusalem could be if it wasn't for all the annoying things about it, summer 2007

  Nylon vase,2007

Graphic Novella
The Radiactive Hitman is the story of two low-life goons from the local mafia, sent to perform a simple job, but get caught in an international crime shamble. Through a funny, action loaded story, it offers a wicked yet optimistic view on Israely society.
Three posters were produced alongside the book.

Comic Stories
The past few years I've been publishing comix in a few leading magazines in Israel. The following spreads were published on Dor Gimel and on FornoMag.
Comix from Dor-Gimel
Comix from FornoMag

How to make beer: an animation short film.
agency: Data-Pro
client: Carlsberg

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