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This is a series of infographics on the effect of the occupation on the Palestinian civilian population. All the data in these charts has been published before by reliable sources, and is listed below.
Since we belive this information should be known to the whole world, we encourage you to share and publish it. here you can download the screen and print versions of the whole series.
The screen version is optimized for a 620 pixels wide column, which should be perfect for most blogs and zines.
The print version can be printed in any size, from A3 to 70 cm wide plotter-printed posters.

The "Visualizing Occupation" is the work of Michal Vexler, a designer, educater and activist from Tel Aviv. for any questions or feedback please write to vex@vex.co.il

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Divide and Conquer

Wikipedia: Arab citizens of Israel
Wikipedia: Demographics of the OPT
B'telem: restrictions on fishing in Gaza
UNRWA statistics

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The distribution of the water resources

B'telem water report
UN OCHA sprinsg takover report
Amnesty report: Palestinians Denied Fair Access to Water

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Who Profits?

Who Profits
Why is the U.S. delaying $3 billion in military aid to Israel? (Hebrew – Globes)
U.S. approves $205 million in aid for Iron Dome (Hebrew – nrg)
A Conservative Estimate of Total Direct U.S. Aid to Israel: Almost $114 Billion (Washington Report on Middle East Affairs)
Exported Israeli settlement products (Innovative Minds)

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Freedom of movement

Machsom Watch: Invisible prisoners

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Palestinian Political Prisoners

Faculty for Israeli-Palestinian peace

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The right (or privilege) to protest?

Protest in Nabi Saleh, West Bank
Protest in front of Tel Aviv train station

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Ethnic cleansing

OCHA: The Planning Regime Applied by Israeli in Area C of the West Bank
ICAHD: Obstacles to Peace
Peace Now: Settlements in the West Bank – facts and numbers (Hebrew)
Wikipedia – Bantustan

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Martial law on the West Bank: Discrimination in action

Done in collaboration with Caabu - The Council for Arab-British Understanding http://www.caabu.org/news/blog/martial-law-west-bank-discrimination-action

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